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Prices are subject to change and will vary slightly for certain requirements.
Studio Rental
2 Hours $50
4 Hours $90
8 Hours $160

All Backdrops and Lights
Props and Costumes
Bottled Water
Restroom/Changing Rooms

The Studio is located up a staircase in the Livery building so keep this in mind when parking. The front entrance will mean one stair case. The Parking lot entrance will mean two flights of stairs.

Backdrop walls are painted flat colors rather than hanging cloth. Pure White, Dark Grey, Red and Green for Chromakey. The Green screen is 20 feet long and 9 feet high. We have a green 20 foot canvas that can be used for floor green screen.
You may bring your own lights and backdrops.

Sound Equipment is not Provided. We do have some options depending on your needs.

Please contact us for a quote.